pss-autosoft Image.EasyInstall EDIABAS - INPA - DIS GT1 - SSS Progman Diagnostic Software

Dealer Diagnostic Software for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

With full support for BMW DK (Yellow Head), OPS, OPPS, USB KCAN and DCAN Cable Interfaces!

Rolls-Royce EDIABAS, DIS v44/v57 and SSS Progman for Windows

Rolls-Royce SSS Progman Main Screen.

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SSS Progman for Rolls-Royce

Do you need to diagnose your BMW built Rolls-Royce?

We provide the software you provide computer and diagnostic interface!

We offer access to factory and Dealer Software designed to diagnose and code your Rolls-Royce built from 2003 model year through 2009

Our system includes the BMW created for Rolls-Royce "Dealer Information System" (DIS), "Software Service Station with Progman" (SSS Progman) and the tools the factory used to program your car to start with - the EDIABAS tool set.

All provided in a complete, functional, works every time, package that includes correctly configuring the host computer for ANY supported diagnostic interface.

This system works with all BMW Produced Rolls-Royce "RR1/RR2/RR3-Series" models from 2003 through 2009 Model year vehicles - for the "Dealer" tools, from 2003 through the end of the RR1/RR2/RR3-Series models.

What Makes our system Different?

Our pss-autosoft EasyInstall™ custom installation takes all the guesswork out of installing and configuring all the software - from the suggested support applications (except the PDF reader or VMware Workstation/Player) to the correct configuration of the EDIABAS no special steps are required by you. You provide a laptop, notebook or desktop with a reasonably clean copy of Windows, and this system will connect to your car and work the first time, and every time.

While we have made the installation painless, we have also made using the tools much easier too. The BMW and Mini "DIS" and "SSS Progman" interfaces have been modified to allow the user to get more out of the system. The SSS Progman runs on Windows XP embedded, and we have altered it to allow easy printing inside the SSS, to allow drag and drop to the host system, have re-included the guest OS with the startup and shut-down using Windows alone.

The DIS (both v44 and v57) allow the user to print reports directly as PDF files while using the DIS.

The DIS and SSS Progman communicate with the host system (and the Rolls-Royce) the first time, every time.

The DIS versions have been modified with the following features:

The SSS Progman application has been modified in several important ways:

Printing to the host computer from the DIS is included - works on Windows XP through Windows Windows 10. The files are pre-configured to print to a PDF file, and then are saved to your host computer for later review or printing (since most of us do not have printers near our cars). Printing from the SSS Progman is also handled, but for convenience sake, it is saved as a PDF file inside the SSS environment, where you can drag and drop it to your host system. Note that if you are using a factory BMW diagnostic head, printing through the virtual network does not work as the machines physical network is used. However, printing will still work if you switch interfaces in the DIS and VMware or if you are using the OEM head through a router and not directly connected to the PC.

EDIABAS Cable Select utility.

EZCableSelect showing selection options

The core program that defines the system configuration. Functions with all interface types

We have full support for USB EDIABAS interface cables, as well as Serial EDIABAS cables and the factory BMW DK multiplexer (also known as a Yellow Head and sometimes incorrectly as a ) and the BMW OPS and OPPS diagnostic multiplexers. Included are utility programs to configure the system to use whichever diagnostic interface you need. The primary tool is the EZCableSelect utility which reconfigures the EDIABAS configuration files to match whichever cable you need at the moment. It will recognize both standard Serial Ports built into the machine, and those virtual serial ports created by the FTDI installation. When you are using a USB cable, there are special utilities used to configure the cable (and that only need to be run one time per USB cable) as well the Cable Select utility that will configure the system. Complete support to use the EDIABAS with the factory heads is included.

What Will You Do?

On your selected notebook or laptop or desktop, install the appropriate version of VMware player (free from VMware for non-commercial use) or if you already have your own copy of VMware workstation, it must be no older than 6.5. Insert the PSS DVD into your laptops DVD reader and the install process will start.

How does it install? Well unlike all the other ebay offerings, there are no complicated instructions including things like 'change this setting in your Windows to make this program work.' The Custom PSS Installer for determines your Operating System and install will initiate the installation of all required software accordingly. Complete instructions are provided, and support (should you need it) is readily available by email, phone or using TeamViewer (TeamViewer is included on the DVD and in the download installation).

What You Get:

A DVD or down-loadable installer with the custom installation which includes the following software:

DIS and Progman versions:

* Note that BMW NEVER released any version of the SSS Progman past v32 or DIS past 57. Any version claiming to be newer (such as one vendors SSS v63 I saw recently) is using data that was hacked into the system. What they have done in every instance is dump the raw BMW update data that BMW releases monthly to their workshops into the DIS in place of the files already there. This would be fine except that BMW INCLUDES A DATABASE WHICH CONTAINS ALL THE RELEVANT DATA RELATING TO CHASSIS, DATA, REVISIONS, AND ADAPTATIONS FOR THE ACTUAL INCLUDED DATA. Since there is no way to integrate this “updated data” into the existing DIS or Progman database, at best you have a bloated DIS that has gigabytes of useless data, at worst you have a DIS that will actually damage your vehicle if coding is attempted because a file that was replaced shares the same basic structure and file name as one referenced in the database, but the contents are completely different which then causes faulty data to be encoded to your vehicle.

**Our EZUpdate program is a utility that allows users to get the addition Assembly Line data files for the WinKFP/NFS tool set, correctly integrated into the installed EDIABAS 7.3.0 system. This will allow you to code/diagnose all models (excluding F-series BMW's and Minis) up to the 12/2017 Model year. This download (if you choose the whole package) requires up to an additional 45 GB of disk space to install on top of the existing system.

What You Need:

Rolls-Royce Dealer Software model coverage - 2003 through 2009

Table with Rolls-Royce models that this software should operate with.
This table shows the models believed to be supported by the Rolls-Royce diagnostic DEALER software. You will need to ensure that you have the correct cable for your car and that it fits the other requirements listed. Note that DCAN cars may not code if they've been dealer recoded after the dealer changed to the later ISTA system. We believe that any car built before the first displayed date and after the last shown date will not properly code with the dealer software. Please contact us for more information.